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Welcome to Robomatic

ROBOMATIC PROCESS CONTROL LTD is a company with Romanian capital, founded in 1993.

Field activity is the industrial automation, including hazardous environments.

The activities include: design, delivery, installation, commissioning.

The applications are in chemical and petrochemical industry, power industry, rubber industry, food industry, automotive industry.

ROBOMATIC PROCESS CONTROL LTD is the exclusive representative in Romania of producing companies:
- Transducers: pressure, level, temperature, flow - safe and hazardous areas;
- Control - safe and hazardous areas;
- Consoles and annunciators - safe and hazardous areas;
- Pneumatic components;
- Solenoid valves and pilot - safe, nuclear and hazardous areas;
- Shutoff valves and control valves (regulators);
- Drum and container pumps, double diaphragm pumps;
- Flowmeters;
- Flame and gas detection - complete systems;
- ATEX protection - barriers, separators;
- Electrical heating cables - design and execution;
- Permanent and removable thermal insulation - design and execution.